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Vizualizări: 647 | Dimensiuni: 1600x1200px/166.2Kb
Data: 12.29.2011 | Adăugat de: lory1971
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1 Betty  
Roller may have a point about the election. We'll see. That's what ntcelioes are for. But his characterization of Tony Mele, he's way off base. I had a personal, in depth conversation with Mele bacasue I wanted to hear not only what his positions were, but how he presented himself. He clearly disagrees with Engel, but I didn't hear any trash talk. Re-read Roller's post and you will see that it is filled with innuendo and put-downs like 'pocket Constitution.' I found him to be straight-talking, willing to talk about all the issues in an open fashion. He is articulate, very aware of the international scene and concerened about the basic issues affecting the average person, like taxes and personal freedom.

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