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Vizualizări: 946 | Dimensiuni: 1296x972px/178.9Kb
Data: 12.29.2011 | Adăugat de: lory1971
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I don't really know what is going on in the Bronx nydawaos as I have moved away over a decade ago. What I do know is that Tony Mele is a man of honor and integrity. For those of you that have not yet had the opportunity to meet with him personally, let me assure you he is an intelligent and extremely talented individual. He will focus those talents and intellect like a lazer on job creation, for a financially depressed area like the Bronx this will be a bonus. He believes in the ability of the individual to excel if only the constraints of over taxation, over regulation of the government were removed. Conversly his democratic rival Elliot Engel is an 11 term incumbent that believes in government dependence. Government dependence may as well be the new slavery as it offers no incentive to excel and grow. I believe, as does Tony in the ability of the individual.If you are a republican remember to vote in the primary coming up on Sept. 14, as this will be crucial to seeing Tony on the ballot in November.Only if we have a viable candidate on the ballot in November will there be any chance of removing the progressive Elliot Engel. Remember 11 terms 22 years, and what change have you seen for your district? Higher taxes overburdening business, stifling growth, more government regulation.Is it not time for "Change" we can truly believe in? The Right "Change" for the 17th. C/D.

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